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Wanescan features

  • Full profile reconstruction of lumber including position and depth of wane 
  • Measurement on both sides with no need for board turning
  • Works in both linear and transverse transport 
  • Takes into account slabs, dimensional irregularities, and uneven edges 
  • Optimizes edging, trimming and ripping 
  • Enables automatic sorting 

The perfect edge

Wanescan recognizes all dimensional irregularities, slabs and uneven edges of lumber and returns an exact wane profile of the board. Sensors scan each board up to 2000 times per second and record position, inclination and depth of wane. Rough edges or saw step offsets are accurately identified in shape and position. Wanescan works both in linear and transverse transport direction. Scan heads are installed above and below the conveyor belt, recording both the top and bottom surfaces of lumber.

Edging, trimming and ripping
Wanescan optimization software considers wane allowances as described by grading agencies as well as customer-specific product quality requirements. The system determines the optimal cutting pattern decision in a fraction of a second. Subsequent processes are refined and vastly accelerated by the software. This guarantees improved performance, higher production volumes, larger recoveries and increased resale value of the final products.

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«Wanescan optimizes edging, trimming and ripping of your lumber. This first class wane scanner scans your lumber in one pass from both sides and guarantees high performance and operation stability as well as higher production volumes and larger recoveries of your lumber products.» Dott. Ing. Federico Giudiceandrea, 推荐正规买球平台 Founder and President

Wanescan Series

Wanescan 301
  • Linear transport direction 
  • Top/Top–bottom lumber measurement surface 
  • 1–4 scanner modules
  • Conveyor speed 500 m/min (1650 ft/min)
  • Image acquisition rate 2000 frames per second
  • Board cross-section 300 × 500 mm (12 × 20 in)
  • Board length from 1 to 8 meters (3 to 26 ft)

Wanescan 901
  • Transverse transport direction
  • Top/Top–bottom lumber measurement surface
  • 1–16 scanner modules
  • Conveyor speed 240 lugs/min
  • Board cross-section 300 × 500 mm (12 × 20 in)
  • Board length from 1 to 8 meters (3 to 26 ft)

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